• SERVICE CALL - WE COME TO YOU $29+Our mobile service vans will go to your location. We charge $55 for the service call for home and business door lock services. For most other services such as home and business emergency services and for automotive services we charge $29.00 for the service call.

  • RE-KEYING YOUR LOCKS $19+Our pricing for house locks re-keyed is $55.00 for the service call, $19 for each lock if you just wanted to re-key them, or anywhere from $30 to $120 for each lock if you wanted to completely change the lock. It will come with two free keys and any additional key will be $2.50. We can make you as many keys as you would like.

  • NEW DOOR LOCKS FOR A HOME OR BUSINESS $30+The cost of a new lock is determined by the manufacture, design and color. We provide FREE on-site estimates, no service call or any other fees will apply until the work is done.

  • LOCK REPAIR $20+It is not realistic to tell you how much it will cost to fix or replace your lock without seeing the problem first. Our technician will come to see what the problem is and give you different options whether you want to replace the lock or just fix it.

  • APARTMENT DOOR LOCKS LOCKOUT$75+To unlock your house door the cost will be $75. If the cost to open your door will be more, our technician will provide you with a free onsite estimate. We will not charge you if we do not do any work.

  • UNLOCK CAR DOOR $75+It does not matter if you have a car, truck or SUV. Even if you have a more difficult vehicle to open such as a Mercedes or BMW, our technician can still open it for you. Our fee to unlock a vehicle is $75. If it will cost more to open your car, truck or SUV, our technician will provide you with a free onsite estimate.

  • CAR KEY $90+HOW CAN YOU MAKE A CAR KEY WHEN YOU HAVE NO SPARE? If you lost the key to your vehicle and you are looking for the cost to get a new key made, first, you need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle. Car key cutting prices – By Make Model and year.

  • PROGRAM KEY $40+We have highly skilled technicians and vans full of all the necessary equipment to perform any auto service needed.

  • KEY FOB $20+What is a key fob? A key fob is actually a key that is combined with the remote. It basically looks like a key with push buttons on the key head to unlock the doors, trunk, and has a panic button.

  • IGNITION SWITCH REPAIR $90+Over time, many cars will have problems with the ignition. Many times, one of the ignition wafers gets stuck. Tip: If your key still turns the ignition sometimes and then other times it doesn’t, or sometimes is hard going, then the first thing you should do is stop trying to turn the key.

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